Hall Williams Band

About Hall Williams Band
The Hall Williams Band, proudly based in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, is ready to burst forth. The band’s namesake, Hall Williams, is a longtime guitarist and songwriter originally from Vermont. With influences spanning a multitude of genres and a lifetime of musical experiences under his belt, Williams is ready to bring his gift to the people. “Why now?” you may ask. Williams draws from a wide range of subject matters; from rambler stories and peace and love to drug abuse and heartache. His gift lies in his ability to make every song feel positive. The difficult subjects in Williams’ lyrics are not accompanied by dark and dreary melodies. They are not meant to deepen the depression or drag us down. Their timbre is meant to show us that even dark subjects can be approached in a positive manner. They are designed for us to take in the darkness of the message and transform it into a positive energy force to drive us forward. Amidst the whirlwind of negativity that constantly berates the world we live in, the people need the Hall Williams Band. The music itself combines elements of funk, rock & roll, roots and experimental improvisation. The best word to describe the Hall Williams Band’s music is “uplifting”in every sense of the word.