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Theres A natural Mistic In The Air

Theres A natural Mistic In The Air

We are honored to join the great Junior Marvin Junior was Bob Marley’s lead guitar player and right hand man. A great songwriter himself he is releasing a new album Happy Family. His show will be a mix of great new song and classic Marley hits. We are also joined by...

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Down The Hall Series

Over the years of playing in different band Hall recorded a bunch of music that sits in limbo. Caught in the ever changing music industry. Hall has desided to pull all his previous releases from the streaming platforms and create the Down The Hall Series. This music will only be available here and for purchase.

Volume I – A select pick from his previously released material.  Featuring artist like Jason Crosby and Ron Holloway adding to the great musicians Hall has had at his side.  Release date April 2022

Volume II -Sometimes the studio doesn’t bring out the best of a song So the band will doing a live recording of songs previously released and done in the studio. The previously released versions will no longer be available. Release date Dec 2022

Volume III – Back to the studio with all new material. Release date Jan 2023


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