Hall Williams Band

Unique & Powerful

Do You Ever Wonder

Featuring Jason Crosby on Violin,  Justin Taylor on Keyboards, Mary Lankford on background vocals, Rodney Dunton on Drums, and Lorenzo Sands on Bass

What You Believe

Jammin at WTMD First Thursdays

Pronounced /hôl/  as in a corridor, a passage, a way ie. hallway

The Hall Williams Band is based in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Their influences span a multitude of genres, and a lifetime of musical experiences.

When asked how to describe his music Hall loves to tell a story about how it was once described to him.  “Sparkly” Upbeat, Positive, Roots, Real; thus, a genre, and a band were born.


Hall WIlliams

HALL WILLIAMS is a longtime guitarist, mandolinist, songwriter and producer, originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont, now living in the Chesapeake Bay area. His music is based primarily on life experiences and crosses multiple genres and generations. It has a empathetic and familiar feel. Hall has performed hundreds of shows from the neighborhood bar to the 21 Anniversary of Woodstock on the original site, to the opening of the Reach at the Kennedy Center.  He has fronted numerous bands, played and recorded with many artists. Over the years Hall has performed with or shared the stage with Ritchie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, Junior Marvin, Fuzzy Samuels, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Mavericks, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jason Crosby, The Marcus King Band, Cabinet, Ron Holloway, Cris Jacobs, and many others.


The Band

The Hall Williams Band are always some of the finest musicians the Baltimore-Washington region has to offer, and Williams is honored every day to have them at his side. On Bass for over 20 years is Lorenzo Sands. Rounding out the line up are Josh Miller on Keyboards and Sean Alexander on Drums.


“There is copious amounts of talent in tonight’s Homegrown Headliner The Hall Williams Band…It’s a wonder Hall has time to create this amazing music amidst his help writing/producing for Junior Marvin of Bob Marley fame and Fuzzy Samuels from CSNY and Manassas. But alas, we are just that lucky to have this talent right on our own backyard.Tune in to WTMD tonight during the 8 o’clock hour for one of the most innovative artists the Baltimore area has to offer.” Evenings With Kelly Bell on WTMD.
“Williams draws from a wide range of subject matters; from rambler stories about peace and love to drug abuse and heartache. His gift lies in his ability to make every song feel positive. The difficult subjects in Williams’ lyrics are not accompanied by dark and dreary melodies. They are not meant to deepen the depression or drag us down. Their timbre is meant to show us that even dark subjects can be approached in a positive manner. They are designed for us to take in the darkness of the message and transform it into a positive energy force to drive us forward. The music itself combines elements of Funk, Jazz, Rock, Roots, Bluegrass, and experimental improvisation. The best word to describe the Hall Williams Band’s music is “uplifting”in every sense of the word.” Randy Harris – Ragin’ Randy Entertainment is based in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area

“The Hall Williams Band is the latest super group from the Baltimore-DC area that should be added to your listening queue…..Although they characterize themselves as a blend between The Dave Matthews Band, ALO, The John Butler Trio, and The Jerry Garcia Band, their sound is distinctly unique. While there are noticeable elements of inspiration borrowed from other talents, once The Hall Williams band gets grooving, their sound is entirely their own”  Abbie Ginis -DC Music Review

​”Hall Williams inspiration for many of the songs that he writes is his wish to uplift people and make them dance…Hall Williams wish for a peaceful world is evident through his serene music, and is the perfect music to dance to live on a sunny day. We’re glad the band decided to book a tour in 2018 — keep your eye out for many performances in Baltimore and other cities.” Elise Olmstead- Jamwich

Notable Shows

2019-The Opening of the The Reach at the Kennedy Center For Performing Arts.

2018 – Hot August Blues with Marcus King Band and Revivalist

2017 –  WTMD First Thursdays with Marcus King Band and The Mavericks

2016 – Multiple appearances with Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Live Performaces

The Hall Williams Band always delivers a positive uplifting live show. With a trove of original music at their disposal they still love playing crowd loving covers. They work closely with the venues and promoters to bring out the best for their fans.  They are professional, mature and easy to work with.